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At least 20 nations preceded the U.S. in granting women the right to vote, according to an analysis of measures in 198 countries and territories. More

Tackling Disinformation : The Role EMBs Play in Communicating with the Electorate during a Campaign

Date of Event: Wednesday, 24th March 2021

Time of Event: 14:00–16:00 UK Time/GMT

Place of Event: Webinar


In the last four years, and particularly after 2016 US election, the topic of disinformation and the role social media plays has come to the forefront of what are considered integrity risks across the globe. Whether disinformation is pushed by domestic political campaigns or is a state-sponsored attack by actors abroad, there has been an increase in attempts to undermine the ability of voters to make informed choices as they head to the ballot. Addressing this is crucial for the long term stability of our democracies.

This webinar will examine how disinformation is increasingly playing a role in our elections, and how electoral management bodies can better respond to the challenge and mitigate the damaging effects.


Tamar Zhvania
Chairperson of the Central Election Commission of Georgia
Gabrielle Bardall
Independent Consultant on Democracy, Security and Gender
Ingrid Bicu
Seconded National Expert, International IDEA
Antti Sillanpää
CEO of Linkitin

Key Topics

  • Explore the role EMBs could play in tackling disinformation during a campaign, especially on social media
  • Assess the impact viral misinformation, disinformation and hate speech by domestic and foreign actors can have on public health, electoral integrity and trust in democracy
  • Understand whether proactive EMB messaging is needed to ensure voters understand what to expect around polling locations, mail-in ballots and to help reduce voter suppression

Zoom Joining Instructions

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Meeting ID: 821 8240 5369

Password: Electoral

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